Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Snow in July

Just because we haven't seen it doesn't mean it hasn't happened before. However, the weather in our neck of the woods these days has been wild! On Saturday (my birthday) there were wild winds, huge rains and insane thunder and lightening just on my side of town. Our next door neighbours gazebo flipped over and was destroyed. Across the road same thing only it landed in their pool. Trees down and other such damage. Last night, funnel clouds were spotted int he area and severe damaging winds crushed the produce crops. Wine will be hard to come by this vintage. It seems that a local farmer has sustained losses of 70% on his Winona farm location. The amount of hail that fell piled up over a foot in the drainage ditches and the leaves from many trees were stripped off and plastered against cars and buildings. It looks creepy downtown today. And a huge beautiful old tree about 3 blocks from me fell over from the roots and crashed into a house taking out its corner. Unreal!

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