Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Shack

HHmmmmm....I haven't read like that in a long time. The Shack, couldn't put it down and when I finished it, wanted to pick it up again. It's a great read. I'm struggling with parts of it, but for the most, Loved it. There were parts that verged on 'new agey' type things like the night scene and perfect vision are described. But over all, understanding this is a work of faith and a desire to express Trinitarian love, then a work from the Emergent Church has done quite well. I'm troubled by the desire to disconnect people from 'institution' type religion. I love going to 'church' a building to fellowship with those who worship God the way I do. I love going to other peoples 'church' buildings to enjoy and share in their expression together. I don't think we can 'church' alone. So that brings it back to the central theme of the book, relationship in love. A complicated work this is and one that will take a lot of time to digest. I think I need to read it again. In the mean time, I highly recommend it as a great summer read. Watch out for the late nights though...its hard to put down for certain.

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Aduladi' said...

I agree. Churching alone is a hard thing to do. I love going to worship with a group of believers and the relationships that are formed within!