Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Birthday Bash

JP's birthday wish was to take his buddies go-carting. They went with their dads and big brothers and it was a hoot. They came home smelling like stinky gas (pardon me, petrol...tee hee) and talking like there were engines reving right beside them. Then it was a quick dip and some cake. Here's a few photo highlights of the cake since the camera was left behind for the racing. PS...he wants it made clear that he turned 10, it's just a figure 8 race track. Good?

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Aduladi' said...

Glad he cleared up his age, LOL! I was kicking myself for not seeing this great cake for my son's last birthday when he turned 8!! I hope he had a GRAND birthday!

BTW, So far no "check engine light". Thanks again for your wonderful input and knowledge.