Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm so done

I don't like to be one who wishes days away, because I do love being in the moment...truly present in each second of each moment I'm blessed with. But I'm close to done now. Sara's grad was lovely. Simple, sweet, beautiful. All the people she loves were there for her in one way or another, if not in physical presence their phone calls and best wishes were obvious to her. She is a loved and blessed girl. And our Marineland trip was as usual, fun...rainy, stormy even, but still a hoot. Finally this week I wrap up Little Spirits and Long Range Planning for Enoch and then the boys are off to Mosport...girl weekend and of course packing and readying ourselves for North. This years north trip is particularly welcome. I'm so ready to just stop...you know be still and know HE is God type of stop. What a welcome way to begin my summer. I love teaching, but I'm really ready to rest now. I'll recharge and be ready for another year of going and what not...but for now, I'm done.
This is the song for grad this year...it was on our powerpoint and just summed up the whole deal. Loved it!

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