Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Biggest Distraction of all...

Welcome Michi...the biggest distraction to school ever. He is living with us until he gets his Rabies shot at which time he'll be moving to my mother in loves house where he'll become the worlds best mouser! I'm convinced keeping this cat inside is cruel. He needs the wide wide world...can't you tell by looking at him that he's a mountain lion? He thinks he is anyway. He hunts and attacks our 14 year old cat Murmel. Murmel hates Michi.


Kelly Fillion said...

Awwwwt! Look at the sweet little baby! You know I am the crazy cat lover! Wow look at your little kitty too, glad to see he is well :0) They are little baby covered in fur, at least that's what I think. Hope you are keeping well, yep school is almost over, kinda glad we have been sick with something almost every month! My body needs the summer for rejuve.

Mrs. Sam said...

Isn't he the cutest little love? He's so big already...it goes fast. But your right, he is a little baby, we actually rock him to sleep at night. I know, I know...those of you who don't love cats are giving a collective eyebrow. But those who get it...you know what I mean!