Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Prayer Request

Dear Praying Friends,
Re: Girls Purity Retreat St. Joseph Church, Grimsby, May 30 – May 31 2006

In just two short weeks we will be hosting our first Girls Purity Retreat for high school aged girls. We are very excited about this event. Our schedule is packed with fun and inspiring activities and talks. Three university-aged young women will be coming to share from their life experiences. Our event closes with a mother daughter tea, and a purity commitment ceremony. It’s going to be life changing.
As a praying friend, you have a significant part to play in this as you pray over the girls and this event. We need your prayers. Join us as we pray
That we would reach our capacity number. That not one girl, or her mom, would be missed.
Against any distractions that could come at critical moments of understanding and decision.
For a profound, transforming, permanent work of the Holy Spirit that will sever every evil plan of the enemy and set these girls on a path of victory and purpose.
That they will go back to their communities spreading the fire and message of purity.
For physical and spiritual protection as they leave this event – that the Truth received would not be lost.
For a deep hunger for God’s Word and a passionate pursuit of Christ’s likeness.
For great boldness and courage to share their faith in the midst of this generation.
For the organizing team and speakers, and the provision of every resource need.

God bless you and thank you for your prayer support!

“We are meant for so much more than we often realize. It’s difficult to believe that an act as simple as a breath of prayer can have some kind of cosmic import, a place in the grand scheme of things. He is ever inviting you and me to join Him on this amazing adventure, to live life – day in and day out – on the edge of holy expectancy.”

Standing with you “on the edge of holy expectancy” for this generation.
Girls Retreat Organizing Team

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