Sunday, May 4, 2008

Okay, this is how much God loves me!

You know those moments that happen in your life that are so incredibly sweet that they're like a hand picked moment between you and God? Well I just had a weekend of Divine Appointments with God. I just love Him so much because He cares so much about the details of our lives. On Friday, my daughter and I left our Homeschool Event a little later than I planned (hard to tear away from those things...) and I still had to stop and pick up snacks. The plaza I went to is crazy hard to pull into traffic going left, so I was stuck there for a while waiting, feeling later and later. I prayed out loud,"God just please make a break in the traffic so I can get out of here." And I'm not kidding you, the very next car stops and lets me go. God is so good. We get to the conference which was at the University of Waterloo and we stayed in the dorms. What a neato experience that was for my daughter and I. We loved it! Not the comfyest sleep but didn't matter, it was the funnest ever. The next day (Saturday) was the best part of the conference only the biggest bummer for me was no coffee. I love coffee. Not more than God, but man, I really love coffee. So there I am, brewing a coffee headache (it amazes me that I only drink one a day unless its a celebration or a really small cup, but I still get a headache if I don't have one...hmmm) and I'm sitting in the bleachers (but Jenny saves the day and blesses us with some chairs, thanks Jen!) kind of grumbling about not having coffee and again, I just sort of pray a simple little prayer, "Lord I would just love a coffee." Nothing. That's okay cause God is still good. I see people coming and going all day with their coffee's and its bugging me but God is bigger than coffee so I don't really care alot. We have lunch and I'm getting ready to settle in for the after noon, my headache is still there and I'm not perky happy but content to hear the afternoon message when this complete stranger comes up to me with a tray full of coffee, Tim's no less, and says, "I just bought too many coffee's would anyone like one?" And she looks right at me. There are 1200 people in this place and she comes up to ME. She's not even sitting near me so she doesn't know my coffee circumstance. I jumped out of my skin saying yes yes yes, because even though she paid for it, God just bought me coffee!!! It was the best coffee I ever had. I actually wept. Because it wasn't at all about the coffee, it's simply that God loves me that much that He would bring me a coffee. But it doesn't end there. The day just kept getting better. The afternoon door prizes were being announced and my daughter silently prayed, "God, don't let me win the CD, but if I win the Bible I will give it to my best friend Sandra." And don't you know, the very first name called in the Bible draw was my daughters. And then about 5 names later, my name was called for a Bible. They thought we were sisters...I loved that. Honestly, I was just saying thank you Jesus over and over. Because now, He rewards my daughters faithfulness, and then amplifies it by giving us 2 Bibles. What an incredible day. God is so faithful and cares about the simple little details. More than ever, I'm in love with my God. I know I'm His favorite. And so are you, and you and you and you. Isn't that so great? To honestly say your the favorite and not be at all puffed up in anyway bragging, because its true. God is just that good!

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