Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hey, remember me? Its been awhile! I've had computer issues with regards to my posting and I'm just not sure why. Hoping it'll work out. I have a new wee cousin who I haven't met yet but is really cute! (I've seen pics...) And I'm almost done my Christmas shopping. My goal is to be finished before Advent begins...I might not make it, but I'll be close. Today was Grey Cup, Saskatchewan won it...but Winnipeg gave them a good game. Alright, busy week ahead...cookie exchange, Beethoven and a surgery. (not mine) Focus is my priority. We went to the CN Tower on Saturday and spent the afternoon on Bremner street taking in the Grey Cup food, live bands, koolaide and The Troops were there. We signed a banner headed for Afganistan and climbed in and out of several armed vehicles and planes. Moving experience to shake the hands of those who serve. It made me weepy at first and then very proud. It was really a great day!

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Aduladi' said...

HELLO!!! Nice to see you back! Sounds like a fun weekend. We had Thanksgiving here in the States so it was hectic.

I laughed at your son's contact problem completely out of sympathy. I got my first pair at 13 and within 1/2 an hour I could not find the one in my right eye. I am sure it did not fall out and was convinced it had slid to the back of my eye. We never found it and I had to go back for another contact. I bet it is still there... 23 years later.