Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's getting crowded in here

So I'm all over the place. Originally this blog was for my homeschooling ramblings. I've kinda departed from that and started a new blog for Fitness and then squished every other good thot into this space. It's time to reclaim my spaces and separate out the thots. Time for yet, another blog. I like to organize and space my thots out so that's what the new blog will be for. So the homeschool journey continues and remains the school space. The other blogs will be for exactly what they are for. Thanks for journeying along with me these years of sporadic posting. As homeschooling winds down, I'm finding more time in my day for such things. And some seasons are fuller than others. Do you find that too? I'll be posting the new blog soon. Stay tuned for blog #3!

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