Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bootcamp is coming....

Well my booty is in need of camp. After a winter of recovering from Retinal Eye Surgery, it's time to firm up the flesh! I'm so grateful for the group of ladies that joined in last spring and came out to our Fantastic Free Park Workout in what started as a 4 week challenge and turned into a summer of mornings and exciting change in all our fitness levels. Well, I feel like I'm starting over in some ways and in others, so happy we did that, I believe it was my over all level of fitness that really helped me in such a complete recovery. I was still able to ski this winter a bit, which was really important to me, ballet was given back and now, running is my next mountain to conquer. I had to lay down the kettle bell, but that's easy to pick up again and get going. So my plan is that there is 8 weeks till the ballet recital. With the help of the motivation going on at Peak 313 I'm convinced that things will move rapidly! Can't wait to be feeling fitter and looking so forward to the journey in getting there.

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