Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Pay Off

You know...say it, mean it, do it, really works. I'm talking about staying the course, staying strong when it gets tough. My last post (ages ago) was about issues of getting school done, but it seems to have passed now. School is getting done stronger and stronger with less of a fuss. Finally. I think the pay off comes when consistency rules the day. And the best part is, no best friends have to suffer in the process. JP is blessed with a strong and loving friend who guides him and keeps him honest. JP's mom is blessed by that. It's neat to watch 2 boys grow up together. Sometimes age isn't an issue and there are times when I see a peak of the man best friend is becoming. He's going to be a great man one day. And that calls JP up. I love that too. So what have I learned in this school year? That mom needs to be consistent and follow through. That best friends wait for you. That school waits for the flu. That I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Including homeschool. Amen.


Veronica said...

AMEN! Things are getting better here too!!

Aduladi' said...

AMEN my sister!