Friday, October 3, 2008

Burst Training

I hurt. Not because I hurt myself but because I'm Burst Training. No, not a stress relieving technique per se but an exercise plan given to me and others by my Chiropractor. To say I hurt makes it sound like I'm incapable of movement, which is not true. I have moved and now I know it. There are places hurting that I didn't know could hurt. So the idea behind this method. Something something Cortisol, something something HGH, burning the opposite fuel, better to burn sugar fast then fat slow...blah blah, I work out for 3 mins 3x's a week. Yeah! And let me tell you, it is work! Could you work out hard for 3 mins 3x's a week? Wanna join us? So far there's 4 in our little group right now. If you'd like more details, comment or email and I'll add you to our little group mailing. Support is support and it's a great thing!

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